Emergency Support

Emergency support will be provided outside of regular support hours for the following issues.

PlayoutONE PRO

  • PlayoutONE has closed and will not open.
  • PlayoutONE is open, but audio files will not play.
  • Traffic Log or Music Log won't import into Auto Importer.
  • Data Controller issues with receiving or sending commands.

CMS (on.aiir.com)

  • "on.aiir.com" isn't loading, running slower than usual, or showing nothing but an error.
  • Studio Inbox not loading or blank page.
  • The WYSIWYG editor is not appearing for more than one person.
  • Now playing information not updating for all stations.

Mobile Apps

  • You can't reach the home screen of your app so it's unusable, except when it's related to a billing issue. An app not being available in a store or the stream not playing are not regarded as emergencies as these can typically be solved by customers or are caused by a third party.

Customer websites

  • All customer websites are unavailable, or more than one from different customers. Only one website being unavailable is usually caused by a problem with the DNS, or the domain name has expired.

If you have any other support questions, they will be answered the following business day.

Regular Support Hours

North America

Monday to Friday

3 am to 6 pm (Central)


Monday to Friday

9 am to Midnight (GMT)

Support Telephone Numbers

North America

415 980 3530

212 500 1144

647 956 1254


0207 770 9596

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