User Tracking

By default, our apps do not track users.

You should only track users of your app if you need to access an ID known as IDFA on iOS, or AAID on Google.

If you're using an in-stream advertising service with your streaming provider, the ID can be added to end of the stream URL so your provider can deliver targeted ads.

On iOS, users must accept Apple's "Allow app to track" prompt before the app can access the IDFA. Before this appears, the app shows a prompt screen which you can customise at any time.

Users can block apps from requesting to track from the iOS Settings app. If a user rejects the prompt or blocks these requests, there is no way for the app to ask again or otherwise obtain their IDFA.

If you enable tracking of users but don't make use of the IDFA, Apple may reject your app.

Changing whether an app tracks users won't be automatically reflected in your app, it only takes effect when your app is rebuilt and submitted to the app stores.

Tracking parameters in stream URLs

If you have enabled User Tracking in your app, you can use the following parameters in your stream URL, as advised by your streaming provider.

This will be replaced by the user tracking identifier; IDFA on iOS and AAID on Android:


This is intended for customers of Triton, and will be replaced with either "idfa" or "gaid":


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