Setting up WebVT Browser

Aiir provides a dedicated WebVT® Browser to make it easier for PlayoutONE users to access their station's WebVT® site.

It runs independently of other browser applications, meaning it is not affected by plugins or other configuration options which could cause issues with WebVT®.

You can add multiple stations, allowing users who voice tracks for multiple stations to easily switch between them.

📥 Installing WebVT Browser

You can download Aiir's WebVT® Browser from our downloads page. It is available for Windows and both ARM and Intel Macs.

Run the setup files, then follow the installation steps on-screen.

📡 Connecting to your station

When you first load up the WebVT® Browser, you'll see a screen asking you to add your first station.

Click the 'Add a station' button, choose a name, and enter its WebVT® URL (including HTTPS and the port number - eg.

If you do not know your station's WebVT URL or are having difficulty connecting, please contact your station's technical team.

Adding a station to WebVT Browser

🎙️ Logging in

Once connected, you will see a login screen. Enter the username and password given to you by your station contact.

You have the option to remain logged in for up to 30 days.

After successfully logging in, you can begin using WebVT® to voice-track your show.

If you are having issues logging in, contact your station's technical team. Login credentials are managed locally by each station and cannot be accessed by Aiir Support.

Usernames and passwords are managed by each station individually on their PlayoutONE system

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