Can Aiir write my privacy policy or terms of use?

It is good practice - or in some cases a legal requirement - for websites to have a privacy policy outlining how users' personal data will be used, and how the company which operates the site complies with its local data protection laws.

Similarly, 'terms of use' or 'terms of service' set out any rules, restrictions or limitations users will have to comply with to use your website or app.

When mobile apps are submitted to Apple or Google to be distributed via their app stores, a valid privacy policy and terms of use are required.

Privacy policies and terms of use should be published as a page on your station's website.

PDF documents, pages indirectly linking to the policies, or policies hosted on different domains from your station's website are likely to lead to your app being rejected by Apple or Google.

As these are legal documents, Aiir isn't able to assist in drafting these for you.

You should consult your own legal advice before publishing any policies or terms, but you may also be able to find generic templates online which you can customise.

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