How do I access a Meta business account?

Facebook pages, Instagram profiles, and WhatsApp accounts are often tied to an associated Meta business portfolio, which acts as a parent entity to help businesses manage their online presence.

However, as team members come and go, access to individual pages is often handed over - but not access to the top-level Meta business portfolio.

This can cause issues when you want to integrate your existing Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp accounts with external services like Aiir Studio Inbox.

💻 Is my Facebook page associated with a business?

While managing your Facebook page, go to the Page Access screen, where you will see a list of people who are allowed to access your page.

If you see a business portfolio listed here, the page is tied to a Meta business account.

You can see the name and ID of the Meta business portfolio which your page is tied to.

👤 Can I access the business portfolio?

Try logging in to Meta Business Suite. You can access the account if you see your business name listed under "Business portfolios" on the account switcher drop-down menu.

You can switch between available accounts in Meta Business Suite.

If only your name is listed under "Your account" or you do not see the business portfolio you are looking for, you will need to be granted access to the account.

If you know who created your Facebook/Instagram pages and may have access to the business portfolio, ask them to log in to Meta Business Suite and invite you.

🔐 How can I recover a lost Meta business account?

While regaining access to a long-lost business portfolio may seem daunting, in many cases, there may be an easier option than contacting former team members and asking them to check their Facebook settings.

If you do not know who created your company's Meta business portfolio, it may have been created for you automatically when you or a predecessor linked your Facebook page to Instagram.

You can try going to the Meta Business Suite landing page, pressing 'Log in with Instagram', and signing in with your work brand account.

If your business Instagram page is tied to the same business as your Facebook page, you can log in through Instagram and invite yourself (and other team members) to control the business portfolio.

🔑 How do I stop people from being locked out again?

Once you can access your Meta business portfolio, click the 'Settings' cog icon in the bottom-left corner of the screen and invite multiple people to access the account.

Giving more than one person 'Full control' will allow them to invite other people to manage the account in future if required.

Managing user permissions through Meta Business Suite allows you to control who can post content or send messages on your company's Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp accounts in one place.

Consider managing page access here rather than sharing individual access to specific pages. People will still be able to access the pages but this means there is one central place to control permissions.

You could also set up a shared mailbox or distribution list on your business email system which you use across your company social media accounts. That way, if you ever need to re-send a password reset email, you will be able to receive it.

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