RadioFeed is a webpage, designed to be embedded in another page (via iframe) or app, that displays a stream of content, based on what is sent from a station's playout system. The RadioFeed app in Aiir provides basic settings to manage this.

It is no longer supported or maintained by our team but continues to be available for stations who use it, or wish to use it on that understanding.

It previously appeared as the main screen in our mobile apps and can be used in our Live Player.

It is possible to have news weather information appear in the feed, as it is broadcast on the radio station. To do this, the station must set up their playout system to send an event to Aiir, just like they would for songs, but identified as news/weather. 

Please note, the actual news/weather content is sourced at the Aiir end - there is no need for stations to send this to us. The only thing that is required, is a 'flag' to indicate those events are currently airing. 

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Configuring your playout / automation software

Each system is configured differently. You will need our Now Playing API URL which can be found when setting up your 'now playing' information.

If you are currently sending songs, this will have already been set up. 


Zetta and Master Control must be enabled to send XML formatted data to Aiir.

In  Zetta, you should use the ISRC field to identify an item as news or weather.

In  Master Control, you must ensure you are sending the comment field, and enter news or weather.

For example, to have News appear in your RadioFeed, you should set the relevant field to  news for the item which introduces your news bulletins.


Version 4 of Myriad has an option to send playout data to Aiir. This makes the process simple to enable features for RadioFeed. 

You should ensure you are sending a 'type' field. Normally this would just send 'song', but you may wish to configure your jingles to send  news or weatheras the type. 

Playout systems which use FTP

Speak to us if your playout system uses FTP to send data, as this may require some extra configuration to set up. 

Items in RadioFeed


Songs display artist, title and cover art sourced from iTunes. 
The song currently playing has voting controls. 
A user can change their mind and un-vote for a song if they choose to, but only while that song is playing. 

Pressing a song will take you through to the song information page. This contains a bio from Wikipedia, and buttons to share or download the song. 


If a 'news' event is sent from the playout system, and local news articles are available, a card will be inserted showing up to 3 news articles. This information is taken from the news category which is first in the list of categories in the  News tool. Note, it is not possible to take this information from IRN (Sky News) national news categories, due to licencing issues. Tapping an article takes you to the full news page, where it is possible to browse all local news stories. The user can also share news stories via social networks or email. 


If a 'weather' event is sent from the playout system, and weather information is available from the  Met Office or Wunderground, a card will be inserted showing a 5 days forecast. This forecast is taken from the location which is first in the list of locations in the Weather tool. Tapping the weather card takes the user to the full weather page, where it is possible to see the 5 day forecast for all the locations available.

On Air

At the beginning of each programme, a card is inserted showing the programme's name, description and image. 

Song voting

RadioFeed allows listeners to vote on the current song playing using buttons marked with thumbs up and down, and view a summary of this data in the  Song Voting app.


Top Carousel

Images can be added to the top carousel of RadioFeed, to sit alongside the on air now and next slides. 

They must be 300px in height. The width can vary as they will always be centered, with more of the outer sides becoming visible on larger devices, therefore important information should always be towards the center. 

As Top Carousel images are not set via the Advertising section of Aiir, they do not have impression or click tracking. If you require this, you can create an advert in the  Advertising tool, not enable it to run in any blocks, then borrow the tracking URL and use it in your carousel item. 

Scheduled Feed Ad

These ads appear in the feed at a set interval of posts, with the first one appearing below the top item when the feed is loaded. You can configure how many items should then pass by before another ad is loaded, by going to the RadioFeed Settings section.

Playout Feed Ad

You can set up ads to appear at the same time as they are heard on your broadcast, by sending specific campaign IDs from your playout system.
This is currently only supported by Zetta.

First create the ad in the Advertising app, choose a campaign, select the RadioFeed type, and select the  Playout ads only option. You will be given a campaign ID which looks like:


Copy and paste this into the  ISRC field in Zetta of the asset you wish to trigger the ad to appear.

If you create another playout feed ad in the same campaign, a random ad from the campaign will be selected to appear each time.

There is a special report available for these type of ads, by going to the  Reports section and click Playout Ads Report.

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