The RadioVIS app in Aiir lets you manage visuals which can appear on compatible radio devices and applications.

It is part of the  RadioDNS project, of which Aiir is a supporter, along with many other organisations.
The aim is to enhance broadcast radio on devices connected to the internet.  EPG is another RadioDNS application.

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Enabling RadioVIS for your station

Once you have completed your slideshow content (see below) you should  contact RadioDNS.

You will need to inform them of the broadcast parameters for the frequencies on which your station broadcasts.

They will also need to know where your RadioVIS service is located, which is:

Types of content

RadioVIS lets you broadcast both  text and images, and the device or app will show whichever it supports.

Each text and image item is rotated, and changes every few seconds on the device's display.

You can include  dynamic information in the text, such as what is currently on air, and the song playing.

Image slides

Adding  static images to the slideshow is straight forward.

RadioVIS also supports  dynamic slides; images that are regularly re-built automatically containing useful information, such as who is on air and the song playing.

Due to the technicalities of designing these, with elements unique to your station, they can currently only be built by Aiir on request.

Slide quality

The dynamic slides broadcast by RadioVIS are deliberately heavily compressed so that they are very small in file size, and therefore cause minimal disruption to an audio stream playing at the same time, and use minimal bandwidth which is important when on 3G to avoid excessive charges. 

The images are generated as JPGs for the best possibly compression. To make the most of the small file size, it is generally best to avoid gradients and unnecessary details. 

Stations who have  Radioplayer can also benefit from RadioVIS embedded in the player. In this case, 'higher quality' slides are also produced and shown only in Radioplayer for web users who do not have bandwidth concerns. The slideshow is paused (effectively disconnecting the client from the server) while the player window is not 'in focus' or on top of all other windows.