Providing access to mobile developer accounts

To allow us to release and update apps on your behalf, we require access to your Apple and Google developer accounts.

The most secure way of providing us with access is to invite our developer accounts in to your "team" on the Apple and Google developer sites.

Detailed below are the steps required to perform this on the three sites required.


Apple Developer

Your account with Apple must be a company or organisation account. It is not possible to invite other team members with personal accounts. If you have setup a personal account you will need to contact Apple and request they change your account registration. Instructions regarding this process are available on the Apple Developer website.

  1. Go to and login if required.
  2. Click ‘People' on the left hand side. If you cannot see this option, see the above note about company accounts.
  3. Click 'Invite People'.
  4. In the ‘Invite as Admins’ box, type our address
  5. Click ‘Invite’.

App Store Connect

  1. Go to and login if required.
  2. Click ‘Users and Roles’.
  3. Click the + symbol.
  4. In the fields, enter
  5. Click ‘Next’.
  6. Tick ‘Admin’ and click ‘Next’ again..
  7. Ensure all notifications are disabled and click ‘Save’.


Google Play Developer Console

  1. Click ‘Settings’, then 'User accounts & rights'.
  2. Select 'Invite new user'.
  3. In the email field, enter
  4. Leave access expiry date at 'Never'.
  5. Select 'Release manager' as the role.
  6. Click 'Send Invitation'.