Aiir Mobile Analytics app has been removed

On 29th October, 2018 the Mobile Analytics app was removed from Aiir.

We first introduced 'Mobile Analytics' to our platform early on in the development of mobile apps for radio stations, because the tools available to review how your app was performing were either extremely complicated to use or an additional cost. At the time we saw a gap in the market to provide a simple summary of app performance as it wasn't available elsewhere, for free, to our customers.

When we first developed the feature there were no officially sanctioned ways to retrieve this information directly from Apple and Google and as a result we ended up using a third party provider, then writing our own solution to extract this data from the various systems. Unfortunately over time this has caused problems as changes to Apple and Google's systems have frequently broken the feature and we've had to review our approach each time.

Our solution for pulling the information from Apple had been broken for around a month due to another recent change. Before we undertake further fixes we decided to take a step back and review the usage numbers of the 'Mobile Analytics' app compared to other areas of our platform we'd like to spend more attention on and reached the decision our time can be better spent elsewhere.

In addition, the analytics services now provided for free by Google and Apple are significantly better than they were when we started and offer more detailed information and reporting than our own solution provides.

As a result, we closed the 'Mobile Analytics' app in Aiir on 29th October, 2018. To assist with accessing your data moving forward, we've created a help article that explains the process to gain access to your analytics.

If you have any further questions regarding this decision, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.