On Air Staff

The On Air Staff app in Aiir lets you manage presenters and programmes which are used in the  Schedule app.

Each staff profile contains information which is used for 'on air now and next' sections on your website and mobile app, and the schedule.

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Adding your on air staff

Before you can add a programme to your schedule, you'll need to add it to On Air Staff. This is so you only need to build a programme's profile once, and then it can be added as many times as you need to the schedule.

On Air Staff should include all programme blocks, including those not hosted by an actual person, such as automation hours.

When you create a new staff, a corresponding folder will automatically be created in Page Manager. All staff are associated with a folder so that programmes always have a corresponding webpage to link to, where 'on air' or schedule information is shown on your website. You'll be given the option to create one of two things in this new folder:

  • Bio page - a page will be created containing temporary text.
  • Redirect - if you'd rather not create a page specifically for this staff, or the content is already located somewhere else, you can enter a URL.

Whichever you choose will be set as the  default page for the folder.

How they appear on your website

Your website includes an 'On Air Staff Index' page, which is a list of the programmes your station broadcasts. The list can be re-ordered on the first page of the On Air Staff app, and you can hide staff from appearing on the page. Hidden staff are still available to add to your schedule. This might be useful for overnight automated programming that doesn't require a bio page.

Each item on the index page links through to the default page set for the folder.

You can  move this page around your website's structure in Page Manager, or hide it from appearing from the navigation.

If your site has Localisation enabled, you can choose which staff should appear to a visitor depending on their location preference.

If you have more than one site in your organisation, you can choose to share staff with other sites. This allows them to appear on the staff index page on those sites, and is available for them to add to their schedule.

Contact form

To make it easy for people to contact your programmes or staff, you can create a contact form and page and link it to the staff. Your website's template may include a link to the contact page as part of an 'on air now' section. It will also appear as a link on the schedule page and player.

Each staff member has an email address field - if you complete this, you'll be given the option to automatically create a new contact form and page. You can go ahead and customise these if you like.

If a staff member does not have a contact form page associated with it, there will be nowhere for an 'email the studio' link to go while that programme is on air. To rectify this, create a new contact page containing a form which sends an email to a general studio address. Then to set it as the default contact form, go to the Settings section of On Air Staff.

Played songs

For each staff or programme, a 'played songs' page is available, which is a filtered version of the Playlist Search page. It lets you navigate between the days and hours that the programme has been broadcast in the last 7 days.