The easiest way to create a poll is from Page Editor. You can tap the  + Insert button at the top and select 'Poll' to insert a new or existing poll in to your page.

Alternatively you could go to the Polls app in the main menu, where you can also create or edit existing polls.

Each poll can have a  title and question, and you can choose if multiple votes per IP address should be allowed, and whether to show a results graph or keep the results private.

You can also disable further voting if you'd like to freeze a poll.

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Embedding a poll elsewhere

If you'd like to drop a poll into somewhere other than Page Editor, you'll need its embed code. Go to the Polls app in the main menu and you'll see a tag alongside each poll which looks like  {POLLEMBED_123}

Copy and paste that to wherever you want the poll to appear. The tag will be replaced when the page is loaded on your website.

Rotating polls

If you have a place on your website which needs to feature a poll which changes on a regular basis, rather than having to copy and paste new codes each time, you can use what we call a Poll Position.

A position lets you switch polls in one place by selecting from a menu of available polls.

Create a position and you will get a tag which looks like this:


Copy and paste this tag to where you would like your polls to appear. From thereon, to change the poll that appears there, simply go to the Positions section of the Polls app and select the new poll.