Gmail & GSuite Monitor Email Alerts

Please follow the below guide to setup a GSuite Gmail Business account to send alerts via PlayoutONE Monitor.

To enable email sending from Monitor you need to enable users to allow less secure apps and create an app specific password:

This is managed via the following page of GSuite Dashboard:

Once you are on here check the box which says "Allow users to manage their access to less secure apps":

Once this is enabled you can then modify their account settings by logging into the specific account and visiting this page:

Ensure this is set to "ON" for the user.

You will also need to create an app specific password for Monitor to use. This can be done by logging into the user's account and visiting the following page:

Under App Type say "Other" and give it a name of "PlayoutONE"

Make a note of your App-specific password

Make a note of the password that is displayed:

You don't need the spaces, so with the above example the password would be: yrbnrewyffesltfo

Once this is done you can setup the account using the standard gmail settings in Monitor:

SMTP Port: 587
Use SSL: Yes
Password: app-specific-password
From Email:

If you press the "Send Test Email" button, you can check to make sure you have received a successful email.

That's it, emails are now setup!

Troubleshooting: If you still have issues trying visiting the following URL whilst logged into the Gmail account:

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