The top blue bar

No matter where you are in Aiir, you'll always have access to the blue bar at the top.

You'll find:

  • The main menu, indicated by 9 squares. It's how you can get to all the apps you have access to. On desktop you can hover over each one to see a brief description.
  • The main menu also has a link to Admin where you can do things like add or remove people, change what they can access and manage social accounts. If you're not an administrator, you'll find out who is and what they can do.
  • Search, which lets you quickly jump to apps, pages, news articles, photo albums and many more things.
  • Notifications (learn more about them)
  • Support, for reaching this section, plus service status, our product roadmap and suggestions section.
  • The 'me' menu indicated by your picture, which has options relating specifically to your account, like changing your password, setting a picture, and logging out.

The top bar looks a little different, depending on if you're using a desktop/laptop or mobile device. 

On mobile, you'll find more options are in the 'me' menu, and if you have  access to work with multiple sites, you'll see a menu to switch between them.

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