Amazon Alexa / Echo

Alexa is Amazon's voice assistant technology that can be found in lots of different devices, speakers, car dashboards as well as Amazon's own range of Echo devices.

We can produce an Alexa Skill (the term Amazon use to describe 3rd party add-ons for Alexa) for your radio station which allows people to start listening to your station via a simple voice command. This can have a considerable benefit over the default TuneIn or iHeartMedia integrations, which sometimes struggle to recognise your radio station's name in the way you refer to it on-air or listeners know it. Once installed to their device, the custom Skill will take priority over a match from one of the built-in services.


At present, our Skill has basic functionality:

  • Listen to your station by saying "Alexa, play <station name>"
  • Before playback, your station name is announced "Now playing <station name>"

We're currently unable to service pre-rolls or provide station selection for groups.

Contact Us

If you're interested in finding out if our Alexa skill is available for your station, get in touch using the button at the bottom right of the screen or via email.