What's a Smart Assistant?

We're living in the future. It's now possible to talk to your microwave (or Big Mouth Billy Bass fish).

There's now all sorts of devices for your home, office or car which can be controlled via voice to perform tasks for you, such as Alexa or Google Home. There's a second wave of these devices which include visual displays and provide interactions via touch controls, too. And we're starting to see the resurgence of "chat bot" type interactions, where you can perform simple tasks by typing in natural language requests to a computer.

Audio has clearly been a stand out utility of these devices, with your listeners embracing these devices in their kitchens and lounge to listen to podcasts, music services and - most importantly - your radio station. As a result, we were proud to launch our Alexa Skill service and we continue to monitor the additional opportunities available as new platforms and devices are announced.

We wanted a term to group all these types of technologies together, where they're clearly not "apps" as we know them, thanks to the way they're operated - hence we coined the term "smart assistant".