Do you support Google Home/Assistant, Apple HomePod, or other services?

At this time Amazon's Alexa service is the only Smart Assistant we support.

Google Home / Assistant

At present, the tools we can use to develop "actions" for Google Home are unable to play continuous live audio streams. Audio is limited to fixed length static audio, such as a single audio track. If Google make changes to allow this, we will definitely consider developing a Google Assistant Action for radio stations.

Apple HomePod

Apple have not currently provided an SDK to develop playback apps for the HomePod. Future changes to Siri may make this possible, via our mobile apps, and we'll continue to evaluate these opportunities as they develop.

Facebook Portal

The Facebook portal is built upon Amazon's Alexa system, so in theory Alexa skills will work with these devices. However, the functionality is known to be heavily limited by Facebook, so until this device ships to the public we are uncertain if we can expect Alexa skills to work with this device. Additionally, Facebook have not released an SDK to develop custom applications for this device.