Setting up a webhook for a form

Beta - we're testing this new feature with selected organisations and the functionality is subject to change without warning.

If you're building a service and you need to receive each submission to a particular form, you can set up a webhook.

Each form in Aiir supports adding one webhook. How you set up the receiving end is entirely up to you.

The data is sent in JSON as a POST request, shortly after each submission occurs.

You can test a webhook using a tool like or

Here's an example of the JSON payload. The 'date_time' attribute is in ISO 8601 format.

	"action": "created",
	"submission": {
		"form_id": "123",
		"form_title": "My web form",
		"site_title": "Music FM",
		"date_time": "2022-01-01T12:00:00+00:00",
		"fields": [
				"field_id": "1",
				"name": "Name",
				"value": "Barry Scott",
				"type": "text_box",
				"personal_attribute": "name"
				"field_id": "2",
				"name": "Comment",
				"value": "Hello world",
				"type": "text_area"

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