Admin information for the upcoming new Programme Information and Stations apps

This information accompanies the blog we've published announcing the new Programme Information and Stations apps in Aiir.

Programme Information replaces On Air Staff and Schedule, while Stations replaces RadioEPG but plays a bigger role than at present.

Who will have access to these new apps?

If you’re an administrator, you’ll get access to both Stations and Programme Information.

If you currently have access to RadioEPG, you’ll get access to Stations.

If you currently have access to On Air Staff or Schedule, you’ll get access to Programme Information.

Will I have to set up my station(s)?

For existing customers, no — we’re going to do that for you. Stations will be automatically set up using your existing schedules and RadioEPG services.

Access to work with stations will need to be given by an administrator using new parts of the Admin section.

You will be able to do this either by selecting a station and then choosing who has access to it, or by going via a person first and then choosing which stations they have access to.

At time of launch, everyone will automatically get access to stations that are created from schedules which a person currently has access to (because they currently belong to sites).

In future, whoever creates a new station will automatically get access to it, and other people will need to be given access to that station by an administrator.

Now Playing settings are moving from Site Settings to the Stations app, alongside each station — the settings will be carried across automatically.

How will pages and folders for programmes work?

When you create a new staff in On Air Staff, a folder is automatically created in Page Manager in a specific 'on air' folder for you.

With the introduction of Programme Information this will no longer be the case. All existing folders and pages will remain exactly as they are, but when you next create a new programme, a folder won't be created automatically.

This is partly because we're detaching programmes from 'sites'. The Programme Information app will look the same across your whole organisation, no matter which site you've got selected in the bottom-right corner. This is part of an overall strategy for us to gradually move away from a reliance on things being linked to sites. As such, a programme won't belong to a site like on air staff do at present, so it doesn't make sense for them to have such a rigid link to a folder in Page Manager on one site.

Instead you will be able to select any page or URL to associate with a programme. If you like the way things work currently, we've made it easy to still create a folder and a 'bio' page stub.

The same goes for a contact page for each programme. At present you don't have any choice about which page is linked with a staff member, it's quite inflexible. With Programme Information, you'll be able to select any page or URL for this.

If you don't add a contact page for a programme, the system will fall back to the default one you add to a station.

Why are features being removed?

As part of this significant change, we're taking the opportunity to remove two features from our service.

The first are Amazon affiliate links to buy CDs. We've noticed that newer customers don't make use of this feature at all, and the earlier customers we've spoken to all tell us they make next to nothing from these links. Therefore we made the decision it's time to retire links to purchase CDs from websites.

If you still wish to include functionality similar to this, we would suggest look at the widgets Amazon offer which you can embed directly on your website.

The second feature we're removing is the ability to post from Social Publisher to RadioFeed. This one is mostly about compatibility between the new architecture behind Stations, and the legacy code and structure behind RadioFeed. RadioFeed is running on old code behind the scenes and we have no plans at present to invest time in modernising it. As a result, the two things are incompatible and it would require significant development effort to continue to supporting this feature. It's by making decisions like this to prioritise improving other parts of our service that we've been able to build the fantastic new Programme Infomation app and schedule editor.

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