Radioplayer Web Player Update Information

You may have received an email from Radioplayer about the new web player (AKA console) they're launching. 

It's now available for you to enable on your website, using the tools we've built in to our platform. Head to the main menu and select Radioplayer to get started.

We've separated all of the settings for the new player from the old one, so you can set up the new player independently and only enable it when you're ready.

Radioplayer have a deadline for all stations to switch by, so we will enforce the new player for everyone eventually, but until then it will be up to each station to decide.

There are some important differences to note with the new player:


Radioplayer provide three built-in widgets for the "plug-in" space: Now Playing, Schedule and On Demand.

We recommend enabling all three if you have on demand content, or just the first two if you don't.

Alternatively you can replace each them individually with a custom webpage URL, or take over the whole plug-in space with a custom page.

We know some of our customers prefer to display our legacy "RadioFeed" page in their Radioplayer plug-in space. If you'd like to keep that, you will need to grab its URL and paste it into the new iframe option, or override the Now Playing widget.

Now Playing

The default "Now Playing" widget that Radioplayer provide will show the image of the programme currently airing. However Radioplayer will only accept specific image sizes for this. If none of their supported image sizes are provided, they will default to showing the station logo.

The supported image sizes are: 288x162, 160x90 or 86x48.

We recommend using the largest of these sizes in the Radioplayer image group in Programme Information.


Radioplayer have integrated a number of ad providers with the new player. Sadly this doesn't include our Aiir advertising section, so we're unable to let you serve ads in to the new player from there. If you want to display ads in the player or run pre-rolls, you'll need to use one of the 3rd party providers listed on the player settings page. Unfortunately we're not able to offer a great deal of support with this as it is purely a system between Radioplayer and those ad providers, so you will need to seek help from either the ad provider or Radioplayer directly.

On Demand

On demand works great and looks great in the new player. Not only have Radioplayer built an On Demand widget which you can enable that shows your most recently added programmes, we've also built a new On Demand index page in the player which organises your items by category. You can reach this by adding "/od/" to the end of your player's URL.

Pop-up window size

Unlike the old player, Radioplayer's new v4 player supports wider pop-up windows, for displaying one, two or three of the widgets all at once. If you'd like to select a new pop-up size, you'll find this option in Stations > select station > scroll down to Website, change the pop-up size option.

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