Auto-Importer - Other Tab

Exclude File For Import

Exclude Files Beginning With
When enabled any file beginning with the characters set in the text box will not be imported. This setting is not case sensitive.
Exclude Files Smaller Than

When enabled any file smaller than the selection will not be imported.

Audio Format

Override Default Format

By default, audio is converted to the default audio format set within the Auto Importer settings. Enabling this option allows you to override that and change the audio format for items imported through this profile.
Format Selections

Audio format options are: 

FLAC: Quality 0 to 5. 0 = best quality but larger file 
MP3: Bitrate settings vary from 128k to 320k 

Other Options

Ignore Oversweep Value In Log
When importing a Music Log from external Music Schedulers such as Music Master and Natural Log, enable this option to ensure Oversweeps are shown correctly in the PlayoutONE log. 
Apply Audio Processing
See Audio Processing 
Allow On Air Hour To Be Overwritten
By default, when a Music or Traffic Log is imported for the current day, previously played hours and the current On Air hour will not be overwritten. Ticking this option allow the On-Air hour to be overwritten. Enable this setting with caution.
Export Commercials Before Importing
When a Music Log is imported, if this option is checked then the current commercials for the hours being imported will be exported to a .TPL file in the current Import Folder.
Resolve Rotates
When checked, Rotates will be resolved at the time of importing the Log rather than leaving Unresolved and left to PlayoutONE to resolve closer to the air time of the Rotate.
Run Merge Report
When checked output a log file to 'C:\PlayoutONE\AutoImporter\Logs\StationName' detailing the length of each Commercial break.
Resolve Snippets
When checked, resolves any Snippets at time of import, rather than leaving to PlayoutONE to do closer to air time.
Set Chains To
When checked, the chains of each item in the Log can be set to Chain or Stop. This setting is useful for setting all chains to Stop, allowing the use of the Auto button to control when PlayoutONE stops.
Add Spot Break Markers
When checked, the command 'SPOT BREAK MM:SS' will be added to the start of each Traffic Break importing from a Traffic Log. This is necessary when using the traffic log as part of a Split configuration.
Set Chain Of Last Commercial To Stop
When checked, any Traffic Log importing will have the chain of the last Commerical in each break will be set to Stop.

Remove All Traffic Breaks
When checked and a Traffic Log is re-imported, all previous Traffic Breaks within the hour will be removed first before the new Traffic Log is imported. If this setting isn't checked, only Traffic Breaks that are in the new traffic log will be updated, which may mean breaks that were originally in the old Traffic Log and are now not in the New Traffic log will remain in place.
Look For Chain Status At End of UID
When checked, Auto Importer will look for a $ at the end of the UID within the Traffic Log. If a $ is found at the end of the UID then the chain for that item will be set to Stop. For example, 123$ in the Traffic Log would set the chain to Stop for this item.
Convert TPL to TPLX
When checked, the Traffic Log TPL will be converted to a TPLX. TPLX files are converted TPL files for use within a Split environment.
Remove Chars
When checked, any characters entered will be stripped from the front of the filename being imported. This is to be used with the Import Method 'Specific UID'. For example, if we specify to remove characters SP and we import cart SP1234.wav, then the imported file will import onto UID 1234.
Normalise Marker Air Times
When checked, any Soft or Hit markers that appear in the Music Log without the hour specified will have their hour added. For example 59:59 in the 3 PM Music Log will be converted to 15:59:59. This is needed when you specify a marker time that references a time in the next hour. 
Synchroniser Audio Import
When checked, the file being imported will not be added to the PlayoutONE Synchroniser table. This prevents the file from being distributed by Synchroniser.
Synchroniser Log Import
When checked, the Music Log file being imported does not check to see if the hour is locked.

Update Split Traffic Wait Times Only This setting is only to be used in conjunction with Split Commercial Breaks. When checked, Auto Importer will instead of importing the spots from the Traffic Log, just update the Split Wait times scheduled in the master PlayoutONE Log. This setting requires Split Wait times to already exist within the day you are importing the traffic log for. An Auto Importer for this specific purpose should be configured. It can not be shared with a regular traffic import profile.

Rotate Carts

Add Audio To Rotate Carts
Adds the file being imported to the selected Rotator.
Remove Audio From Rotate Carts
Removes the file being imported from the selected Rotator

Add To Top Of Rotate List
When checked, the file will be added to the top of the list within the selected Rotator. Used in conjunction with the 'Add Audio To Rotate Carts'. 
Add To Bottom Of Rotate List

When checked, the file will be added to the bottom of the list within the selected Rotator. Used in conjunction with the 'Add Audio To Rotate Carts'. 

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