Auto-Importer - Nexus Tab

Auto Importer can be configured to talk to Music Master Scheduling via the Music Master Nexus Server. Nexus server will need to be set up before you can configure the settings within Auto Importer.

Nexus Server

Host The PC name where the Music Master Nexus server is running
Port The port number in which the Nexus Server is listening on at the Host machine.
Set Nexus
Press once the Host and Port have been configured. This allows you to then configure the rest of the settings.
Station The Music Master station. You can configure this once you've hit the Set Nexus button
Music Type The Music type you wish new Music files to belong to within PlayoutONE.
Non Music Type
The Non-Music type you wish new Non-Music files to belong to within PlayoutONE.
Match Using PlayoutONE UID
Ticked by default. Compares the UID in both PlayoutONE and Music Master to generate a match upon the first Synchronisation.


Match the PlayoutONE fields on the left with the Music Master fields on the right via the drop-down box.

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