Auto-Importer - Merge File Tab

Auto Importer can merge up to three flat text-based files together to generate one file. This could be a Music Log and Production Log that needs to be merged together to create a single Log for Auto Importer to import. All files must have a common order field that Auto Importer can use to order and merge the files.

Files To Be Merged

File 1 Extension The extension of the first file to merge. For Example .txt
File 2 Extension The extension of the second file to merge. For Example  .csv
File 3 Extension The extension of the third file to merge. For Example  .dpl
File Delimiter The delimited all three files are formatted with.
All files contain #HOURSTART headers If merging multiple .dpl files and all contain hour headers then tick this box so that the final file only contains a single hour header.
Order Column The column that contains the order to create the merge on. Also, specify from the drop-down box the format of that order column.
Lines To Ignore Specify any text here. If a line in the merge file starts with this text then it will be ignored. Multiple ignore strings can be entered. Separate on new lines.

Output Folder

Output Folder The folder where the final merge file will be created
Output Filename The name of the merged file. Use the following placeholders to use the filenames from either of the three merged files. mergefile1, mergefile2, mergefile3. You will need to specify the extension. E.g. if mergefile1 is production.txt and we specify mergefile1.txt2 as the output filename, then the output file will be named production.txt2

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