Why does the new player not have a volume control?

We launched a new Player in March 2022, and it doesn't currently feature a volume control.

This was a design and development decision. We think most people adjust the volume on their device (certainly the case on a phone or tablet) and a control within the webpage is one of those things that you might have come to expect to see but actually might only be used by a very small minority of listeners.

That said - we never say never. But as of right now, we don't have an immediate plan to introduce it.

This could change, and we can assure you we're listening to all the feedback we receive. 

There's a post on our suggestions board where you can leave your thoughts and anything you have heard from listeners.

Also please remember that our new player is an opt-in choice - we're not currently forcing any customers to adopt it. If you're a Radioplayer customer and have changed your mind about using the player, you can switch back to using Radioplayer by going to the Stations section of Aiir, select your station, then scroll to the "Website" section where you can change the "player to use".

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