Accessing WebVT

To access WebVT, you just need to go to the URL which has been provided to you by your station administrator. If you are using a PlayoutONE WebVT domain then this would take the form:

Sometimes the :1079 port may not be on the end, other times it might. Whatever it may be, check with your station first to ensure you have the correct URL. Also, note that you do require https:// on the front of the link.

If you are having trouble connecting to WebVT outside of your network, you may need to check your router's Port Forwarding configuration. Find out more here.


In terms of web browsers, we always recommend Firefox first then Chrome second. If you find you're having trouble recording then check the Troubleshooting section.

Other browsers are NOT supported like Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera etc. You will be warned about this when you visit the login page when using a browser that isn't supported.

Logging In

You will have been provided with a username and password which allows you into the system. Enter those in the respective boxes and note the Remember me for 30 days option. If you turn this on, providing you don't log out by clicking on the Logout button, you will automatically be logged back in when you next visit.

If you wish to stop this from happening at any point in the 30-day window, then click the Logout button at the top.

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