Choosing an Audio Device

In order to record you need to make sure you're using the correct audio device. Depending on the browser you're using you will be prompted differently for permission to use your microphone. In WebVT® you will be prompted for microphone access when you either open the segue editor, LiveMIC or open the Edit Audio screen and click the mic.


Unless you have clicked to Remember this decision, Firefox will prompt you for the device you want to use the first time you're asked. Each time after that Firefox remembers which device you used and just asks for permission to use it. From this point, if you want to change the device you need to go into the Settings.


Chrome asks you once for permission to use your mic on the instance of WebVT® you have logged in to. Each subsequent time it knows you granted permission and opens the mic. If you wish to change the device from this point you need to go into Settings.


In order to change the audio device, you are using for your input you are best going to Settings > Audio and click Choose Input / Microphone Device. You will get a pop up with a list of the devices available to you. Simply choose the one you want to use and click Select. When you do this in Chrome it will simply change the device. In Firefox you may be prompted again at the top of the screen to allow the chosen device.

Note: If the Choose Input / Microphone Device button is disabled then it means you haven't granted the browser permission to use your microphone yet. You can do that quickly by going to the segue editor.

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