Triple Stack

The Triple Stack is an incredibly useful gizmo which allows you to load audio locally or from the station's media finder and play it whilst recording your voicetracks. Triple Stack audio is recorded directly into your voicetrack so you can use it for talkover beds, sound effects, occasional stings etc.

You can also load audio onto the Triple Stack directly from the log or media finder. To do this you right-click on an item and then hover over Add to Triple Stack and then choose which player 1,2 or 3 that you would like to put the item onto. You can do this directly from the log or the Media Finder.

Items added from the log or media finder are always checked against the local item on the stack to make sure it's the up to date version. If it's updated on the system then it is automatically redownloaded to the stack so you always have the latest version.

Stack Players

On each player are a couple of controls and icons.


Open / Load
Open the file selector so you can choose a WAV or MP3 for loading onto the player.

Play / Stop
Button which is green with a play icon on it. When this is pressed and that player starts to play it is toggled into a red button with a stop icon on it. When you press to stop the audio it will fade out rather than stop dead. You can change the time each player fades over in Settings > Triple Stack. When it has faded the volume is reset back to the point it was at before the fade started.

Volume Slider
This controls the volume of the audio on the player. You can adjust this on the fly by clicking and dragging it while the audio is playing.

Item Title
This is the title of the item or filename if it's a local audio item.

Countdown timer which counts down the time remaining on the item. If the item has come from the system via Add to Triple Stack and it has an intro mark then this will be counted down first.

When a player is playing you will notice the progress is charted on the background of the player left to right. This is a shaded grey unless it's counting down an intro, in which case it will be a shaded yellow.


Clear Player
Removes anything loaded onto this player freeing it up.

Duck This Player
When this icon is highlighted then this player audio will be lowered to the duck volume level when the Duck button is activated and restored when de-activated.

Fade This Player
Highlighting this icon causes this player audio to be faded when recording a voicetrack and you press to play the next item during record.

Start Next Player
Activating this icon will make the next player down start playing when this player reaches the end, effectively chaining it to another player.

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