Confirming Recorded Voicetrack and Uploading


Once you have finished recording a voicetrack you will be presented with a confirmation box asking you to either commit the voicetrack to the log or not.

If you click Yes then the voicetrack is added to the log and is then put into the upload queue. If you click No then the recording is disregarded and the segues are returned to their state before the recording started.

Upload Queue

You can view the upload queue by clicking on the Upload Queue icon at the top. This is the same icon which flashes red when you have recorded something. It flashes red to let you know that something is uploading or waiting.

When clicking the icon, the Upload Queue is opened in a window in the centre of the screen. This will show what's uploading, if anything, and what's waiting to upload.

You don't have to do anything to upload, it's all taken care of automatically once a recording is committed or you have Add or Edit Audio permissions and have either replaced some audio or add a new item.

Warning: If you close the browser or the browser tab before the Upload Queue icon has stopped flashing red then it will stop your uploads. The browser has to be open and WebVT® has to be logged in for items to upload. Also if you're voicetracking for multiple stations on different URLs then the upload queues are not shared. Logging out of one station to then log into another before your uploads have finished will again prevent the uploads for the first station from happening.

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