Working with the Media Finder

If you have permission to the Media Finder then you can open it up by clicking on the Media Finder icon on the top which is the musical note. It opens on the bottom half of your browser and gives you access to the media library via a search filter, bookmarks, and type and category filter with paging back and forth.

You can choose which columns you want to view on the Media Finder by right-clicking and selecting Choose Columns on the pop-up menu. This then gives you a list of all columns available and you select the ones you want.


To search for media you can enter a word in the search box and press Enter or click the search icon. This will return a list of matching items which can be paged through using the + and - on the Pg field. Each page contains 25 results.

You can further limit your results by choosing a Type and/or Category which will perform your searches on just those choices.

The Menu

Most media operations are performed by right-clicking on the media finder. This will give you a pop-up menu with a number of functions for the currently selected item. If the individual menu option is disabled then it's not available for that item or for that user as some functions are dependant on a user's permissions.

Alternative to dragging the item from the media finder to the log. This will insert the selected item on the media finder into the log just before the currently selected item on the log.

Opens the item in the Edit Audio window for editing. See the Edit Audio section.

Add to Triple Stack
Expands out and allows you to add the item to the stack player 1,2 or 3.

Regenerate File
Force a request to recreate the special low-quality file used by WebVT®. Allow 10 seconds for this to be fully actioned.

Audio History
Shows the Audio History window for the selected item. See the Audio History section.

Choose Columns
Show the Column Chooser window so you can choose which columns you see on the log.

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