Edit Audio

The Edit Audio window is similar to the Edit Audio window in PlayoutONE itself. It allows you to select audio, alter timings, change meta information etc. Regardless if you're adding media or editing it, the function of this window is the same.

  1. Operation, UID and Title plus Artist
    Shows what the operation is, either Add New Audio or Edit. When editing you will see the UID in brackets followed by the Title and Artist of the item.
  2. General Operations
    Buttons to perform audio operations. The buttons are:
    • Import
      This opens a file selector where you can choose the audio file you want to work on and upload. File types we recommend are WAV and MP3. When you import audio an attempt will be made to automatically set the Extro point for you. If you import an MP3 which has v2 meta then you should find the Title, Artist and Year fields will be automatically filled in for you.
    • Record
      Allows you to record directly into the UID using your microphone / input device.
    • Download
      Allows you to download the items source audio from the system.
    • Remove
      Removes the audio from the item. This doesn't remove the entire item.
  3. Save Button
    Saves the item. Flashes red as a reminder when you have made changes.
  4. Visualiser
    Shows the waveform of the item. You can zoom in and out of this and scroll around. You can also click and drag on the coloured areas which represent the points set in the item like Intro and Extro etc. You can also click on this area to set the white line play head.
  5. Function Controls
    Zoom Out, Zoom In, Mic Gain slider and Reset Mic Gain button. Also shown is the length of the item.
  6. Play / Stop
    Starts and stops playback. Playback starts from the position of the white line play head. When the audio is playing you can click around the waveform to keep changing the play position.
  7. Point Operations
    The top shows the position in time of each point. If you click any of these it will jump the play head to that position. The bottom coloured buttons set the respective point position to the play heads position.
  8. Meta Information
    General, Notes and Other info where you can change the Title, Artist and other fields including Notes, Kill Date and the Year.
    The UID field can be auto-populated with the next free UID in your library by clicking on the Refresh icon at the right of the field.

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