Working with the Log

The log in WebVT® is shown in hour sections with the following hour shown after it in grey. The following hour is not editable, but it's there so you can see what's coming up if you're wanting to forward sell what's on the way.

Choosing Hours

When you first enter WebVT® you will be taken to the current playing hour at the station. In order to move around you just scroll up and down with the scrollbar to the right or using the wheel on your mouse or trackpad.

To go to another hour there is a calendar icon on the toolbar at the top. If you click this a calendar will popup. Just choose the day and hour you want to navigate to and you will be taken there.

Another way to navigate through the hours is to click an hour at the top of the log on the timeline. Clicking here will take you to that hour.

Note: On the hour timeline at the top of the log if you see an hour highlighted in red it means that hour is locked against Auto Importer reimporting over it again. There is a setting in PlayoutONE, which when enabled, automatically locks hours when a voicetrack is recorded into it. See PlayoutONE Settings section.

Fade, Split, Oversweep and Chain

If you want to change an items fade, split, oversweep or chain status then simply double click the corresponding icon and it will toggle it.

The 'I' Column

This column is just beyond the Chain column and is denoted with an I. This is the Imported column and shows a tick in it when a voicetrack has been recorded, uploaded and is now ready on the system. Until this is ticked then your voicetrack will not play in the studio.

Dragging Items

To drag items around the log you do them one at a time and you can move them around by clicking on the drag handle. The drag handle is the icon on each row which is the three horizontal lines. You can use the same drag handle on the media finder to drag and drop items from the media finder on to the log.

The Menu

Most log operations are performed by right-clicking on the log. This will give you a pop-up menu with a number of functions for the currently selected item. If the individual menu option is disabled then it's not available for that item or for that user as some functions are dependant on a user's permissions.

Permanently delete the item from the log. This only removes this item from the log, it doesn't remove it from the media finder or library.

Soft Delete / Restore
This is a safe delete and restore function. Unlike the Delete option it doesn't remove it from the log, it just greys it out and prevents it being played. If something has been soft deleted then choosing this function again will restore it.

Opens the item in the Edit Audio window for editing. See the Edit Audio section.

Add to Triple Stack
Expands out and allows you to add the item to the stack player 1,2 or 3.

Expands out to allow you to insert a Social Post, a Note, a Marker or Predefined Command.

Change Type
Opens the Type window and allows you to change just this item to a different type. It doesn't change the type for that UID globally, just this one item on the log.

Regenerate File
Force a request to recreate the special low-quality file used by WebVT®. Allow 10 seconds for this to be fully actioned.

Resolve Rotates
If there are any rotators in the hour which haven't been resolved, then this option allows you to do this.

Lock / Unlock Hour
This is the option to toggle the hour lock which stops Auto Importer overwriting this hour. If the hour is locked then the hour selector above the log will be in red for the selected hour and blue if it's not locked.

Hour Notes
Show the pop-up for this hours notes. See the Hour Notes section.

Follow Log
If this option has been selected then the log will be followed as it progresses. This is useful for anyone presenting live or monitoring the show progress.

Sync to Current Position
Allows the user to synchronise the studio to the selected point.

Audio History
Shows the Audio History window for the selected item. See the Audio History section.

Choose Columns
Show the Column Chooser window so you can choose which columns you see on the log.

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