Station Settings - Options Tab

Social, Weather & Metadata

Enable Meta Data Outputs Master switch for whether metadata is enabled for this station.
Enable Twitter When enabled, Twitter posts may be sent from the Log within PlayoutONE and WebVT®
Enable Facebook When enabled, Facebook posts may be sent from the Log within PlayoutONE and WebVT®
Enable Weather When enabled, Weather information will display at the top of PlayoutONE. Also used for Temperature announcements.
To use the weather service, please sign up for a free account

Isolation Mode

Replicate Audio When enabled, you can choose to replicate 12 hours or the full audio database to the on-air machine. See Isolation Mode
Replicate Database When enabled, the SQL Database will be replicated to the On-Air machine. See Isolation Mode
Email If Activated Automatically If PlayoutONE is set to automatically enable Isolation Mode in the event of a communication failure with the server, then Monitor can email you to let you know that this has happened. This setting does rely on Monitor running and may not work if your server has decided to go offline in the first place!
Replicate Database Button Replicates the current snapshot manually to the current On-Air machine.


On / Off Turns On or Off the currently selected reconciliation profile. 
The dropdown allows you to select the vendor format to reconcile in.
Format Choose whether to reconcile just Music, Commercials or both.
Filename The filename to save the reconcile as. This uses the standard Windows DateTime format.
Folder The folder to save the reconcile format in.
Test When editing a reconciliation profile, you can choose to manually run this profile on the selected date.
Reconcile Parent Rotator Instead Of Resolved Child Reconciles the Parent Rotator UID rather than the cart that it resolved to.
Reconcile Automatically Everyday  Allows you to run this reconciliation profiles automatically every day at the specified time.
Clear Reconciliation Files  When checked, reconciliation files older than X days will be deleted.
Reconciliation Grid Shows the different reconcile profiles setup for this station.

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