The Whiteboard is a virtual way to represent station information to content providers. Think of it like the whiteboard in the corner of your studio but without the rude graffiti.

Opening the Whiteboard

On the toolbar at the top of WebVT®, you will see an icon with two speech bubbles on it with one speech bubble in front of the other. Clicking this will open the Whiteboard which is a floating window that can be dragged to where you want and also resized.

Note: If you notice this icon is blue then this means that there is information on the whiteboard. If it's not blue then it means the whiteboard is blank.

Editing the Whiteboard

The whiteboard can be edited in two ways. One way is in the settings in PlayoutONE Pro. See the PlayoutONE Settings section.

The other way, if you have permission to edit the whiteboard, is to click on the text area on the pop-up and make the changes which are saved automatically.

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