Quick Keys

The Quick Keys are available in two ways. You can open them from the Launcher or from the LiveMIC panel in the On-Air controls.

Opening them from the Launcher shows them in a new browser window, so if you have two screens you can have the log on one and the keys on the other.

Opening them from the LiveMIC panel halves the log and shows them on the right with the log on the left. Ideal if you have just one screen.

Doing this also optimises the log with just the columns needed so the log fits more comfortably. This overrides the columns you have chosen but will restore these column settings when you close the keys.

Choosing the Quick Key Page

At the top of the quick keys, you will see a layout similar to PlayoutONE itself where you have a drop-down containing the available quick key sets. Just clicking and choosing a different page will load that set. This works the same as in PlayoutONE.

The Quick Key Toolbar

Next to the drop-down, there are two buttons. The left hand on is to fade all playing quick keys and the right hand is to stop all playing keys immediately.

Using a Quick Key

You cannot edit keys from within here but you can play them. To do this you just press the key/keys you want to play. You will see a progress indicator move from left to right on the key as it's playing.

To stop a key midway just press it again.

Note: Quick Keys in WebVT® only command the live studio to play the chosen quick keys, they don't play on your computer, so you won't hear any audio unless you are using LiveMIC.

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