PlayoutONE Monitor is not just a standalone application for the server, it also has a useful web front end so you can see information for your stations.

As a WebVT® user, if you have the On-Air controls permission, then you can access this web version of Monitor by clicking the Monitor icon on the toolbar of WebVT®. This is the icon which is a circle with the letter M in it. It may be white or red depending on the status of Monitor.

If there are problems then it will be red otherwise it will be white.

Note: Monitor for the web will open in a separate browser window.

Main Screen

On the Monitor screen, you will see at the top the status. This will either be green if everything is okay or red if there are problems.

Under the status is the list of application that are being monitored. Again these will be red if there are any issues or green if all okay.

Further down, you will see all the stations you have available and their respective such as now playing, the volume levels and schedule information with a list of any issues.

There are two indicators for Logs and Traffic on each station. If you're monitoring these then by clicking on them you get a grid which charts what days/hours are scheduled and what's missing. Green shows what's scheduled and red is what's missing. With the Traffic Log grid, it will also show you the total of each hours copy.

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