Why am I not receiving form submission emails?

All of our automated emails are sent via an email delivery company we work with, called SendGrid.

They work hard to ensure our emails reach your inbox and not your spam box.

If you're expecting emails from us but you're not receiving them, then it's likely your email address has been added to our  bounce list.

A bounce occurs when a sent message is rejected by your email server. The most common causes for bounced email messages include a  misspelled email address, a nonexistent email address, or a full recipient inbox.

If emails to your address bounce more than once, your address is added to the bounce list and we will no longer send messages to you until you say otherwise.

Fixing the problem

If you're sure your email account is in good health and you're receiving emails from other people, then you can check to see if you're on our bounce list and if so, remove yourself.

Go to the support menu at the top, and select "Unblock an email address".

Enter your email address in the tool and see if anything is found.

If there is a match, it will tell you why your email address is on the bounce list and let you remove it.
We should then begin sending emails to you again.