Tips for responsive websites

Inserting images

By default, images inserted through the Page Editor will scale down on mobile devices. If you've added any fixed widths to images, this may stop it working.

If you would like images to appear smaller than their original size, once it has been inserted into the visual editor, access the Image Properties by double clicking on the image, right-clicking and choosing Image Properties.

This opens up a series of options including ones where you can specify specific widths and heights for images - but how you use this could cause issues on responsive websites.

For width, it’s recommended you use percentages. The percentage will be relative to the width of the page, so 100% would be full page width and would be 50% half the page.

For height, make sure this field is left blank. If not, images will not scale proportionally.

By default, we ensure all images show to a maximum width of 100% of the page area - so you only need to specify sizes for images you'd like to be smaller, often aligned to the side.

Inserting videos

YouTube, and other videos, included through the Insert button on the Page Editor will be responsive by default.


Image ads run through Aiir will scale proportionally to fit the screen - so a leaderboard will be shown at a smaller size but in the same proportions.

We recommend not including too much small text on images that scale as they may not be as visible on mobile screens. MPU sizes will usually be seen at the same size on desktop and mobile.

If you're using a third party provider for your ads, you'll need to check if they are properly set up to serve responsive ads.

Our Advertising app has support for AdTech and DfP responsive ads. Google Adsense and other providers can also be configured to supply them, but we can't provide exact instructions on how to do this. Google has a guide for to  how to create these on their service.

Takeover Background ads won't be loaded on mobile devices, or any time the browser is too small to fit them in. This is so your impression statistics aren't distorted by ads that can't be seen.

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