Studio Inbox Limitations

X (formerly Twitter)

We used to support X in Studio Inbox but sadly it had to be removed when they introduced new rate limits in April 2023.

Direct messages

Studio Inbox does not currently support direct messages on social networks.


There are some small delays in receiving certain types of messages. Facebook and Instagram send their posts/comments directly to us, and they may have a short delay at their end which we can't control.

Data Retention

Posts in Studio Inbox are not kept indefinitely; the retention period depends on the type of post. Retention periods are subject to change at any time.

For posts that have not been added to a curated list:

  • Facebook and Instagram comments are deleted after 2 days
  • Facebook posts are deleted after 7 days
  • Emails not as part of a thread are deleted after 7 days
  • SMS are deleted after 12 months*
  • Form submissions are deleted after 12 months
  • Mobile app interactions are deleted after 12 months

Anything older than 2 years is deleted, even if it has been added to a curated list.

*Received SMS are also kept in a separate log, and these are retained according to each organisation's retetion period which can be changed by a Data Controller.

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