Aiir makes it easy to add a comments section to the bottom of pages in Page Manger, photo albums, blog posts, news articles and local directory businesses.

The Comments app lets you easily handle moderation and settings.

We also support switching to Facebook's comments service, if you'd rather use that. We don't currently support any other 3rd party commenting systems in this way.

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Moderating comments

You can decide whether comments submitted should appear publicly immediately, or if they should be held for approval by one of your team. This can be toggled in the Settings section.

If comments require approval, they'll appear in the Unapproved section, where you can read each one and decide whether to approve or discard it.

When a visitor to your website is reading comments, they can choose to report one, with an explanation of why they feel it's inappropriate. Go to the Reports section to view them. If you'd rather not allow people to submit reports, you can disable this in the Settings section.

Being notified of comments

You can be notified of each comment that is posted, and reports too. To enable this, head to the Notification Settings page, by clicking your avatar at the top. This only affects your user account, nobody else will receive these notifications unless they enable the option too.

How the comment form works

The comment form on your website includes name, location, email and comment fields. It also requires the person to agree to having read your privacy policy and terms pages.

You can enable star ratings in the Settings section, if you'd like people to be able to include a rating from 1 to 5 with their comment. This is particularly appropriate for local directory business reviews.

If a visitor is logged in to the listener club, the comment form will be pre-filled with their name and email address, so they don't need to enter this each time. You can require people to be logged in before they can comment if you wish, by enabling this in the Settings section.

Disabling the comments for a page once one or more comments have been submitted does not delete those comments and they can be reinstated to the page at any time. 

It is not currently possible to hide the form to submit new comments while showing the previous ones. 

Using Facebook's comments service

If you prefer, you can use Facebook's comments service instead of ours. This can be enabled in the Settings section. You'll start fresh, so any existing comments held in our system wont appear anymore, but they wont be permanently deleted, should you decide to switch back. Once you've enabled Facebook's system, all comment moderation should be handled on their platform - the comments submitted wont appear in Aiir.

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