Workspaces in Studio Inbox

A workspace in Studio Inbox is a canvas which you can customise to your needs. You may decide to just have one workspace for your whole station, or you may decide multiple workspaces is the way to go, it's entirely up to you.

If you prefer to have a workspace which only you can access, enable the private option. It will not appear in the list of workspaces for other users.

If a workspace is opened on multiple computers, you'll see any changes are made instantly, without having to refresh.

If you prefer, there's a dark mode, which you can enable by clicking the light bulb icon at the top.

There are further settings for each workspace, to increase the font size, use full times rather than relative ones, and disable dragging of posts so it's easier to select text. You can access these settings by tapping the cog icon at the top.

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