School Closures

The School Closures app in Aiir lets you maintain a database of school information and their status. You can display this information on your website and in your mobile apps.

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Updating schools

Each school has a status, which are:

  • Closed - shown as red
  • Open - shown as green
  • Partial - shown as yellow, to indicate a school is perhaps opening later or for limited hours
  • Awaiting Update - to indicate you don't yet have information
  • Hidden - the school won't appear on your website or mobile apps

If you change a school's status from the main list of schools, it'll update immediately without you having to refresh the page.

To update multiple schools in one go, select the schools using the check boxes on the left, and a 'Batch' menu will appear at the top containing options for changing their state.

You can use the Status summary field to display some extra information alongside the name of the school, such as "opens at 10am".

If you enter something in the  Notes section of a school, it will gain an icon alongside its name to indicate it has notes.

If your site has  Localisation enabled, you can choose which schools should appear to a visitor depending on their location preference.

Import an existing database of schools

To get started, it may be useful to import an existing database of school data, rather than manually typing each one in.

The CSV Import section lets you upload a CSV file of data. The file's columns must match the order indicated.

There's a section for your website (found in Page Manager) which includes an index page with a summary of all schools, a search facility, and a page for each school with more information.

A version for our Mobile Apps is also available.

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