Would you like to see a new feature, change, or have an idea to improve our service? Great! 

Take a look at our Suggestions section, where you can post your idea and see suggestions made by other users of Aiir.

You can reach it in the support menu on the top blue bar.

👍 If you spot a suggestion you'd find useful, give it a vote.

💬 If you've got something to add, or you think you can help a fellow user, comment on a suggestion. They'll be notified.

🛎 If you'd like to be notified about further posts or a change of status of a suggestions, subscribe to it.

We receive a large number of suggestions, so we always encourage them to be posted in this section rather than contacting us directly. While we cannot guarantee that a suggestion will be developed, the section provides us with clear feedback regarding the features that users would like to see the most. We promise our team read every suggestion posted.

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