Introduction to Studio Inbox

Studio Inbox is a live radio interaction dashboard for receiving and responding to messages across multiple platforms. Contact us to find out more about adding this product to your package.

Studio Inbox supports:

  • SMS - with history of messages for each person, labelling, and replying (where available)
  • Facebook posts and comments - with full comment threads, replying, liking and hiding of comments
  • Instagram comments - with replying, deleting and hiding of comments
  • Email - with threads and replying
  • Form submissions from your Aiir website
  • Interactions from your Aiir mobile app - audio recordings, photos and text messages
  • RSS feeds - posts from third parties

It supports multiple workspaces, where a user can customize the layout and content that is shown. Each workspace consists of columns, where posts are shown in real time, or curated from other columns.

Studio Inbox is updated in real time, which means a workspace can be open on multiple computers, with changes reflected instantly.

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