Columns in Studio Inbox

To add a new column to your workspace, click the plus icon at the top of the left-hand icon menu.

There are two types of columns you can add to a workspace:

  • Sources

    An inbox of messages and posts from the sources you select. Each column can have a single source or a mixture of sources.

  • Curated list

    A curated list is a blank column, which you can drag posts across to. You may find this useful for keeping posts static so you can read them out easily. 

Print or save posts

Posts in a curated list column can be printed or exported to CSV. You'll find these options in the '...' menu.

Sharing columns

You can share a curated list with another workspace - read about using Studio Inbox in a team.


Tap the funnel button at the top of a column to filter it. Filtering is temporary - once you close the filter, the column will return to normal. 

Filtering is based on the content of posts and the name of the person. You'll be filtering on all of the posts we hold for the sources in the column, or the posts that have been added to it if it's a curated column.

We don't keep posts forever - some types are only kept for a short period of time, others longer, depending on how useful we think it is to retain the data. Posts in curated lists are removed after 2 years.

Live status

At the top of 'sources' columns you'll see a LIVE button. If it's red, that means new posts will appear automatically. Tap it and it'll turn grey. That means no new posts will appear. We don't stop storing posts when you turn LIVE off, so don't worry about losing SMS.

Resizing and moving

You can drag the top of columns to change their position in your workspace, and drag the right-hand edge of a column to resize it.

A column can be expanded to take up the full width of the window - you will find this option in the '...' menu.

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