Can my website have more than one domain?

We don't support more than one domain on a site (apart from your staging domain) for best practice reasons.

A URL (e.g. is intended by singular and authoritative. If you can reach a page through multiple URLs (e.g. and search engines may punish the result as it appears to be a way to "spam" search results or duplicate content on the internet possibly without permission to do so.

There are legitimate uses of multiple domains, perhaps a legacy domain or unusual phrasing of your brand. In these instances, the preferred way of handling them is to set them up as a redirect. When you visit the URL on your non-primary domain, the browser gets redirected to the correct URL. Search engines understand this approach and only catalogue the content under the correct domain name, without penalising the result.

We would strongly encourage setting up redirects for your other domains. This isn't a service we offer as it's not part of our website offering, but it's typically an offering with most domain name vendors.

You may already have the option available to you for this where you purchased your domains from. The reason the staging URLs are not susceptible to these issues is due to the way we prevent search engines from indexing pages via these domains, through a technique known as robots.txt.

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