Creating images

Formats and sizes

You should resize images to be an appropriate width and height for your website - rather than upload full size images straight from your camera. This means it can use less bandwidth, which is particularly useful for visitors to your site using mobile devices. 

When saving images, if they contain photographs they should be saved as a JPG. If it's just graphics, then it can be better to save as a PNG.

Sourcing images

You should only use images which you have the legal rights to. Images found through search engines are often still under copyright.

Creative Commons images, depending on their license, may be allowed to be used on your site. Sometimes they may require a credit, so check for the specific image.

For imagery of music artists, you can contact the record label or PR team to see if they have any available for use.

Editing images

You can do simple resizes and crops within Aiir by using the Image Editor app - it's also possible to resize to a maximum size for an image when you upload to Media Manager.

The Image Editor includes presets for the standard sectional image sizes on your site, so it's easy to use consistent sizes that won't cause issues with your site layout.

If you're adding text to an image, make sure you've chosen a colour and size that is easily readable on the background. Sometimes it's better to add text directly in to the article rather than on the image itself.

If you want to find out more about how we process images, read what limitations there are on file uploads.

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