Voucher Store

Voucher Store lets you sell vouchers on your website, with a shopping basket system, reservation and availability management, and PayPal integration. 
You are responsible for sourcing the vouchers to sell. Our system generates them as PDF documents. 
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Hamish Law from JACK fm in Oxford  wrote for our blog about how they use Voucher Store to build revenue for their radio station.

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Setting up your voucher store

Setting up your voucher store involves registering for a PayPal business account, changing some settings in the account, and then updating settings in Aiir so our store can use your PayPal account.

Register a PayPal business account

PayPal offer two types of business account which can be used with Voucher Store. 

  • Standard is the easiest and cheapest to set up, but during the payment process the customer will be redirected to the PayPal website to enter their card details. 
  • Pro requires a more strict approval process to register, but customers remain on the station website throughout the purchase process.
    Further details are available on the  PayPal website

Completing settings in Voucher Store in Aiir

Once you have registered your PayPal account, you should head to the Settings section of the Voucher Store app.

Choose your PayPal account type, and complete the Site Reference and Merchant Email. These are usually both the email address of the account holder. They MUST match the PayPal account, or transactions WILL fail. If the PayPal account's email address is changed, but the Merchant Email setting is then not updated to match, customers will not be able to purchase vouchers. 

You'll need to obtain your Identity Token from PayPal. These instructions are correct as of December 2018, although PayPal's control panel often changes.

  • Log in at paypal.com
  • Click the gear/cog icon in the top right corner to reach the 'My Profile' section
  • Go to My Selling Preferences (left side)
  • Go to Website preferences, and click Update
  • There you'll need to make the following changes:
    • Auto Return: On
    • Return URL: Your website URL
    • Payment Data Transfer: On
  • Save the page, and then return back to it. You'll now see your Identity Token under the Payment Data Transfer section. Copy and paste this into Aiir.

Other settings

Choose a name for your store. This name is used throughout the customer experience.

It is important to add the email address of the vouchers administrator to the Notify Emails box. They will be sent important emails from the system, such as if there has been a problem with issuing a voucher to a customer. The administrator may then need to take urgent action to ensure the customer is not left without their voucher.

You may wish to also set the default terms which are use for each new voucher created, and customise the content will appear at the top of the voucher store homepage on your website.


To get started with Voucher Store you'll need to create a category. Each voucher is assigned to one category.

Each category has its own page on your website, where all the vouchers in that category are listed. The image you select for a voucher will appear on this index page.

After creating a category, the first section you'll see in Voucher Store is an overview of your vouchers and categories.

The list of vouchers includes those that are available for sale, or upcoming, or sold out. You can see the number purchased so far, and change the order the vouchers appear in.


Next to each voucher in the list is a button to archive the voucher. This will hide it from view without it actually being deleted. You won't be able to delete a voucher once the first purchase has been made, so archiving is essential for keeping things tidy.

There's an Archive section where you can look up previously archived vouchers, and make them available again.

Creating and editing vouchers

When creating a new voucher, you must first have created a client and a category to assign the voucher to.

A voucher can be made available on other sites in your organisation.

You will need to complete the Full Description and Terms and Conditions tabs.
Full Description is the content which is shown on the voucher's individual page on the website.
Terms and Conditions are also displayed on this page, and also on the voucher PDFs themselves.
The default terms can be set on the Settings tab, so you do not have to write these from scratch each time. 

You can choose the geographical location where the voucher can be redeemed on the Location tab. A map is shown on the voucher's page.

Purchase Reports

The Purchase Reports section shows the most recent purchases, and also allows you to search for previous purchases, by voucher, transaction ID or date range. 

If a customer says they have not received the email containing a link to the voucher, but the Purchase Reports section shows that their purchase was successful, you could download the voucher from here and send it to them. 

Working with clients

Each voucher must be associated with a client, so you'll need to create a client before you can get started.

The Clients section lets you create new clients and see a list of all available clients.

A client is sent a link and password, so that they can log in to your website and see the details of vouchers which have been purchased. They are able to check vouchers which have been redeemed. 

It is not possible in Voucher Store to pre-generate a list of voucher IDs to send to a client.

Sales Execs

You can optionally associate a voucher with a single Sales Exec. There is a Sales Execs section where you can set them up.

Sales Execs can be sent an email each time a voucher is purchased.

From the Sales Execs section you can also access a list of vouchers that is associated to each sales exec, and see how many of each voucher have been purchased.

Handling problems

If there is a problem with automatically issuing a voucher to a customer, you may need to step in and manually issue one. You'll be notified of problems if your email address is in the Notify emails field, in the Settings section.

You may need to compare the email you get from our service, with details relating to the specific transaction which you'll find in PayPal.

The Issue section lets you manually request a voucher and avoid the customer having to go through the payment process again.

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