Template Builder (web)

Template Builder allows you to customise the look and feel of your website. Depending on your theme, this may include changing things like colours, homepage content, logos and more.

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A theme is the base layout of your website, which you can then customise. Template Builder can be used on shared themes, which are layouts built for multiple customers, or a custom theme, which will have been designed specifically for your station.

Customers using our shared themes, in particular those who joined via our website on the starter or plus plan, will have a selection of themes to choose from. You can change between themes at any time without losing any of your site's content.

Each theme has defined content areas, ad units, menus and editable settings. You'll see a preview of these before you commit to your choice of theme.

Once you've chosen a theme, you can then change any of the given settings whenever you'd like. 


content area is a container where you can add content blocks; individual sections, each with its own purpose and settings. Content blocks can edited at any time, and dragged to change their position within each content area.

Types of content blocks include events, a photo album, RSS feed items, played songs and weather.

When you save any section of Template Builder, your website is updated in the background which may take a few seconds to complete.

Many of our themes have menus, where you can select links which appear in part of the template, such as the footer.

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