Posts in Studio Inbox

A single message, interaction or comment from a source (SMS, Facebook, etc) is referred to as a post.

You can drag a post across to a curated column to keep it safe, and for reading on air.

If you would prefer to be able to easily select text in posts, rather than drag them, you can disable dragging. To do this, tap the settings button at the top of your workspace, and then disable Post dragging.

If you would prefer to see exact times for posts, rather than for example "5m" for 5 minutes ago, you can disable Relative times in this box too. Full date and time information is always available by hovering your cursor over a time.

Action buttons appear along the bottom of each post and vary depending on the type. All posts can be removed; you'll find this option in the '...' menu.


  • In North America we support replying to SMS.
  • You can add a label to a person who sends SMS, so you can easily identify their messages.
  • Tap an SMS to see a thread of previous messages from the same number.
  • You can block a sender, so further messages from the same number wont appear. They will still be logged in the logs which Data Controllers can retrieve.

Facebook posts and comments

  • You can like a Facebook post or comment.
  • Tap a post or comment to see the full thread, where you'll be able to like, reply or hide comments too.
  • If you don't want to see further comments from a Facebook post appear in a column, click one of the comments, and then click Remove from Studio Inbox.
  • If you'd rather not see comments at all, edit the column and un-select the Show Facebook comments option.


  • You can reply to emails.
  • Tap an email post to see the full thread.

Mobile Audio Interactions

  • You can download the audio.

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