Moving an Aiir website to a new domain

If you've decided to change the domain name/address of your website, there are a few things to bear in mind.

Before you make the switch

You may wish to keep your old/current domain working, redirecting visitors to your new domain. This is particularly a good idea if your website is established and can be found in Google - you don't want all of those links to suddenly break.

Before you make the switch to your new domain, investigate if your domain registrar offers 'web forwarding'. This usually involves updating your DNS to point away from our service and back to the registrar, and then enabling an option to forward traffic to a new URL.

Depending on the domain registrar you use, this may be really easy and obvious to set up, or could be hidden away and you may have to look at their support docs or contact them for assistance. Alternatively, they may not offer web forwarding at all, in which case you may consider moving your domain name to a new company.

We don't offer forwarding for old domains, and we can't offer support for setting it up with 3rd party domain registrars. Once you switch to a new domain, if your old domain is still pointing to us (i.e. you haven't made any changes to the DNS) your visitors will start seeing an error message. This will remain until you update the DNS to point to a new location.

Putting your website live on your new domain

  • Head to the Site Settings section in Aiir's main menu. 
  • Select "Domain and HTTPS" from the side menu.
  • Then select "Change domain". We'll then walk you through the process.
  • You'll enter your new domain, set up HTTPS for the new domain, and then copy DNS records to the new domain's control panel.
  • When you're ready, there's a final step to "make the switch", where your website will start working on the new domain and stop working on the old one.

If you're setting up web forwarding, this would be the time to make the changes to your old domain (see earlier section).

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