Media Manager

The Media Manager app in Aiir lets you upload and manage media files, including images, audio and documents. It's also used for selecting a file to insert into a page.

For desktop users, you'll see a folder 'tree' on the left, and a list of files in the currently selected folder on the right. Mobile users don't see the folder tree.

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Working with folders

Folders are important for organising your files so you can easily find what you need later. For that reason, we don't allow uploading to the root folder.

To create a new folder, tap the button at the top. You'll also find buttons to change the view between tiles and list, and view the files in a different order. These actions only apply to you, they wont affect any of your colleagues.

To make changes to a folder, tap the '...' button alongside it. You'll find the option to delete a folder in there. It is important to understand that deleting a folder will permanently delete all of the contents, including sub folders and files. 

You can also move a folder somewhere else. Moving files and folders doesn't affect the URLs of files.

It's possible to limit a person's account so they can only access a specific folders.

Add files

To upload a file, first select a folder, then tap the Add Files button at the top. If you prefer, you can drag and drop a file into a folder. You can upload multiple files too.

Once you've selected the files you'd like to add, you'll see a confirmation box. Most browsers will show you a preview of each image you're about to add.

At this point you'll see a button to show more options. These include the ability to resize images by entering a maximum width and/or height.

Learn more about upload limitations and how images are handled.

Working with files

  • You can move files from one folder to another by dragging the files and dropping them on to the new folder in the tree on the left.
  • You can select more than one file, to delete or download using the check box that appears when you hover your cursor over a file. A "Selected Files" button will appear at the top which lets you delete, move or download. You can also select all the files in a folder, using the button at the top.
  • If you need to quickly find a file by its name, use the search box in the top right corner.

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